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JTC (“Journey to Chinese”) – is project which was inspired by our wish to make a new step of self-education all around the world and the goal of popularization Chinese self-studying.

The application consists of 4 main parts:

1) Your personal book which will teach you main sentences and basic grammar;

2) Wide vocabulary with big variety of topics;

3) Interactive games which help you to practice new words and refresh previously learnt one

4) Pinyin Chart which all possible variety of sounds existing in Chinese language.

You can not only hear it by evaluate your pronunciation by our speech recognition function

Our goal is not only to teach you language but also to combine it with learning of Chinese culture and it’s mythological world. You will be guided by Sun Wu Kong (the main character of well known Chinese novel

“Journey to the West”) who will lead you in your Great Journey and explain Chinese grammar in videos. He not only will teach you grammar but show main cities in China! and travel with you within an app!

We hope that our ideas, developed studying plan and materials will help you to study Chinese by yourself efficiently!